English No.3『Last Speech』 [English]

This is my last speech. Therefore I’d like to address especially to young colleague.

Before joining this company, I’d supposed almost all employees could speak foreign languages. Because the company is the trading firm.

However, after entering this company, I noticed a few colleagues can speak English, and none could speak other foreign languages.

Moreover, when colleague make a business travel abroad, more than one person together.

I think young people in the company should master the ability of foreign languages.

I remember when I was young, I made one month business trip alone from the West coast of the States to the East coast.

Also I made two months trip by myself from Philippine, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, to Korea.

I could not master but studied French, German, Korean, except English and Chinese.

I have many opportunities to touch foreign languages. So that, as one of superior, I’d like to advise you it’s not too late to start learning foreign language.

Lastly, I wish everybody’s effort of mastering foreign language.

Thank you!  

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